Poly v Pulley

Poly v Pulley

Poly v Pulley

We introduce ourselves as the leading manufacturer of Mechanical Power Transmission products like Variable Speed Pulleys & Drives, Variable Pitch Pulleys, Poly V Pulleys, and V Pulleys with taper bush, handwheels, Gravity Indicators, Position Indicators, etc.
We have a dedicated unit for manufacturing Taper Bush Pulleys capable of producing quality products. Complementing our set up are our experienced, trained & committed employees & management.

  • Pulleys manufactured from quality Graded Cast Iron, free of any casting defects.
  • Precisely & fully machined on CNC turning centers.
  • Broached Keyways. 
  • Dynamically Balanced to ISO 1940 Quality Grade 6.3.
  • Surface Coat – Matte Black Epoxy coating for excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Quality Standards (for Pulley) – IS 3142 ; An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.
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Swati Poly V pulleys are manufactured from defects free quality graded cast iron, precisely machined on CNC turning centres using special profile tooling for Poly V groove forming. Poly V pulleys offer various advantages as compared to standard V belt. A thin cross section profile allows for use with smaller pulleys than standard V belts. Pulley Drive width can be reduced as there is increased surface engagement of the belt allowing for increased power transmission. Poly V pulleys with Taper Bush can also be supplied.

  • Rotary screw compressors
  • Food processing machinery
  • Printing machines
  • Machine tools


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