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Accuwrap 150

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Accuwrap 150

“AccuWrap150” is a high-tech mechanism in a single device that enables positioning of the eye-mark in relation to the cut-off point. Extremely compact, light in weight, reliable and accurate.

Mechanically connect

Input of AccuWrap150 with motor and Output of AccuWrap150 with the shaft driving the pulling rollers.

Electrically connect AccuWrap150 to your Photo cell unit with given connecter.

AccuWrap150 benefits

  • Extremely compact
  • Low power consumption
  • Accurate quick error correction
  • Increased machine output speed
  • Clean hassle free machine interiors
  • High mechanical power transmission efficiency
  • Infinitely variable pouch length settings
  • Pouch length adjustment without stopping the machine.

No need of components like-

  • PIV drive
  • Differential Gear box
  • Error correction Motor
  • Pouch length adjustment gears

Save Time , Materials , Labour and Money


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